Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heather Christle's THE SEASIDE!

NEW from minutes BOOKS, Heather Christle's THE SEASIDE! New poems by the author of The Difficult Farm (Octopus Books). Hand-lettered cover, clear plastic protective envelope, and 15 poems like this one:

They asked me if I was on fire and I said No no no no
no no no I did not want to make trouble I was lying I was
on fire on my legs and on my hands I was ashamed I tried
to hide my legs by kneeling I set the grass on fire The colors
were a brilliant green and orange combination I liked it and smoke
I was not in pain or on pain I was on fire and lying why
to the people Obviously they loved me were warm and pink
and vocal on a promising spring day with electric buds Electrifying
I mean I mean bright bright bright like a likeness of me I wanted
to gnaw and to gnaw on an extra large slice of my likeness

This pre-post is just in time. For Heather's reading
Check back tomorrow for pictures, other titles, and details on how to get one of 60 copies signed (and with grangerized, hand-lettered covers) by the author. 


but you can find The Seaside! inside THE TREES, THE TREES